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Legal Notice:

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1. Use of Website
The content on the website of New J•F (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") can be used only for personal reasons instead of commercial purposes. For copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the content, you shall make legitimate use with respect. All the information on the website of New J•F, including the text, photographs, charts, figures, etc., is provided free of charge for general information purposes. New J•F does not make any express or implied warranty for such information, and your login on this website shall be considered as agreement on this and would not pursue the legal responsibilities of New J•F for the information contained on its website. You shall not modify, reproduce, publicly display, publish or distribute these materials in any way, or use them for any public or commercial purpose in any other ways. The content and edit, etc. on this website are all protected by the Copyright Law and other laws, and any unauthorized use of the materials on this website may constitute copyright infringement and violation of other legal rights. If you do not accept or breach the above-mentioned agreement, your authorized use of the website shall be automatically terminated, at the same time, you shall immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials of this website.


2. Information Release
For copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the content, you shall make legitimate use with respect.
In addition, according to New J•F, there is no guarantee that all the new information on the site will be uninterrupted or error-free; also no guarantee for attacks on the information, software or other materials on the website of New J•F from computer viruses or in other harmful forms. It subjects to changes without notice of the content on the website of New J•F or the information about the products, services, prices, etc. in such content. Content of this Website may have been out of date, but New J•F does not promise timely updates of such content.


3. User Submissions
Except the personal identification information, it will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary of any other materials, information or contact information (hereinafter collectively referred to as information) that you have sent or posted to this Website. New J•F shall not assume any obligation for such information. Meanwhile, if not otherwise stated, your submission shall be deemed to agreement (or authorization) that: New J•F and its authorized person can freely copy, disclose, distribute, incorporate or use in other ways such information and all the data, images, sounds, text and other content for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


4. Link to Third Party Website
It’s only a service to provide you with the link to a third party website on this Website for your convenience. If you use the link, you shall leave this Website. Having not reviewed any of the third party websites, this website has no control over their content, thus having no liability for it.


5. Limitation of Liability
New J•F and its suppliers or the third-party mentioned on this Website shall not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to the loss of profits, loss of data, indirect loss and consequential loss for any reason or the damages caused by business interruption), no matter whether such damages are resulted from the use of or inability to use this Website or caused by the information contained in any website linked to this Website or any such ones. It also does not matter whether there is warranty, contract, tort or any other legal basis for them, or they have been advised in advance of such damages. If you need maintenance, repair or correction for your equipment or data due to the use of information on this Website, you shall bear all costs arising therefrom.


New J.F shall not be liable in the following instances:
• Transmission of the information was not launched by the network service provider (New J•F and its authorized person);
• The information was not selected by the network service provider when its transmission, routing, connectivity-providing and storage were realized through the necessary automatic technical  processes;
• In addition to the automatic response to the requirements of others, the network service provider did not select the provider or the recipient of such information;
•Under normal circumstances, people other than the intended recipient did not obtain the intermediary or temporary copies of the stored information in the network service provider's system or network, and their retention time did not exceed the reasonable time required by the intended recipient for the information transmission, routing or connection;
•It remained intact of the content transferred through the system or network.
If, within the scope of the law, it does not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, these terms of limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

6. General principles
New J.F may modify these terms at any time. You should visit this page frequently to see the current terms, because these terms are closely related to you. Certain provisions of these terms may also be replaced by the legal notices or terms expressly designated on some pages on this Website. You should be aware of such content, because once you accept the terms, it means that you have also read in detail and accepted the referenced or substituted terms.

7. The laws of the People's Republic of China are applicable in dispute arising from the use of this Website of this announcement.

8. As for the dispute arising from the use of this Website of this announcement, it shall be solved through consultations; otherwise, the local court may be engaged in for the proceeding solution under the agreement of all involved parties.