Environmental Protection


Environmental protection has been a hot topic in the current world, because it is closely related to our future life.

WWF said, “With the annual regenerative capacity being limited for the normal resources of the Earth's ecosystems, a major impact of ecological overload is climate change. Due to the excessive use of fossil fuels, the human emissions of carbon dioxide have exceeded the absorptive capacity of the planet's ecosystems. What’s more, ecological overload can also lead to forest decline, the decline of fisheries resources, land degradation, the reduction of freshwater resources and the increasing loss of biodiversity. "

Faced with such crises, XINJUFENG takes environmental protection as its own duty as to try its best to reduce the pressure of the Earth in respect of its raw material selection, production emissions and energy control.

Our common goal: Return our world a green life.



Raw materials for manufacture of XINJUFENG packaging materials: Paper, aluminum foil, polyethylene.

The packaging materials are non-polluting with a recycling value at low recovery cost due to the easy operation.



Since an environment of high quality is the cornerstone of life continuation, XINJUFENG takes environmental protection as its own duty during each step from its production to sales.

It recycles the packaging materials after use to make them into trash cans, outdoor floor and other household products through processes of hot pressing, cleaning, grinding, heating, etc.; or to refine pulp for cyclic papermaking through hydraulic decomposition; through hot pressing, the aluminum foil and PE can be made of aluminum plastic plates or tubes for thermal insulation and corrosion protection.

Taking environmental protection as its own duty, XINJUFENG has been committed to creating more green value for the society.