Production Team


The production team is united and efficient with strong execution.

The backbones of the team have accumulated rich experience in aseptic packaging industry for many years.

Team concept: Stay realistic and pragmatic while keep seeking improvement!


Quality Control:

As the gatekeeper of product quality, the department of quality control takes a responsible attitude towards the customers and the masses of consumers. Also under a rigorous attitude towards each test, it also strictly performs the test standards for each batch of products from raw material storage, production and processing, packaging and storage of finished products to tracking of finished product transportation.



The maintenance team is in charge of equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance during later operation with clear division of labor in electrical repair, mechanical repair, PM, and other different positions.

To guarantee the efficient operation of all equipment and machinery, the maintenance team organizes regular inspections on equipment condition and running.

Purpose of the maintenance team: Solve all problems likely to appear.