The market prospect of packaging machine for liquid food will be broad

February 28, 2014 China Industry Research Net


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The research report of packing machine for liquid food
According to the statistics from China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (CFPMA), the growth rate of annual sales in liquid food packaging machinery in China is 20%, in which the production of liquid food in 2011 is 250.9 billion L, and the sales of liquid food packaging machinery is 29 billion yuan. Liquid food packaging machinery industry has been one very emerging part in national economy of China.
If the bottling companies disappear, it’s very different to image that Coca-Cola would still be so popular around the whole world and becomes the miracle in business history. The filling machineries make all contribution to the packaging production of liquid goods that are related to our daily lives, such as, carbonated beverage, milk, fruit and vegetable Juice, drinking water, edible oil, medicine and consumer goods. That are they make nutrition and delicacy onto the “tip of people’s tongue” safely and easily.
Over recent years, more and more plastic bottles in PET/HDPE have been applied to liquid foods packaging. Plastic bottle is large-volume, solid, easy to carry, recyclable and can be kept in frozen, these features help it expand its application in liquid food packaging. Take beverage industry as an example, according to the incomplete statistics, the annual consumption of plastic bottles for beverage is more than 10 million tons around the world, and the growth rate of its production and sales is still in 10%~19%. As the important packaging machinery, filling machine also becomes more popular in food industry as bottle. 
In the dairy industry, acid dairy drinks become the most potential one in the development of dairy industry because they have kept the 30% growth rate in Chinese dairy market three years in a row. Plastic bottle is the fastest packaging type in the containers used for acid dairy drinks, and its development is even faster than the growth rate of product. 
The acid dairy drinks in smaller 220ml HDPE plastic bottles are mainly consumed by children. With the development of decade, acid dairy drinks in smaller HDPE plastic bottles have established its solid market foundation and developed rapidly. HDPE plastic bottle has absolutely been the dominant packaging for children acid dairy drinks, and its market shares is up to 94%.
The acid dairy drinks in greater 350 ml HDPE plastic bottles are the new types rising these two years. Its market shares increase rapidly and females aged 18~25 are the target customers. After years’ development, the scope of customers on greater packaging acid dairy drinks has expended constantly and PET bottle has been the dominant packaging for greater packaging diary drinks. 
After years of attentive efforts, tea drinks, juice drinks and functional beverages `have become the stable and mature products on the beverage market. Now, the high-speed hot filling technology offers the best solution to many beverage companies. When the high-speed hot filling technology gets so mature, it will support more national and international beverage companies with advanced, steady and reliable filling machinery and get them more cost benefit directly. 
All in all, the rapid development of downstream industry and people’s pursuit of life quality certainly ask companies to adopt relevant packaging equipment to meet the production need. Also, more requirements for machinery in precision packaging, intelligence and high-speed operation will be put forward. So, the market prospect of packaging machine for liquid food will be broad.


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